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Thorsberg pant Ragnar - brown

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Color: brown

This pants was modeled, on the Thorsberg Moor found pants fragments.


In the archaeological site in Thorsberger marsh, it was the opinion of the general doctrine to a cult place in the settlement area of the German tribe of the Anglo. Most finds date from the 3rd and 4th century.


The Thorsberg pants is uniquely associated with the Germanic habitat.

Thus, these pants are a must for an authentic Germanic or Viking garb.


The material is made of 100% cotton and is modeled on the weave forth the canvas.


Machine wash
Enter only the dry and ventilated garments in the machine. The drum should never be too full. Stay always at 30 degrees. Wash the garment on the left.

Hand wash
New clothes can still turn out - so wash them separately at first. Use the hand wash cold water. Soak the clothing is not a scratch and avoid.

Put the clothes drying not in the direct sunlight. Put your clothes to dry on the heater. Make sure you have adequate ventilation when using the clothes to dry indoors.

Please pay attention while ironing on the ironing symbols specified in the garments. Dampen your clothes before ironing slightly. Iron the garment on the left.

Woolen fabrics
CAUTION for woolen fabrics. These do not belong in the washing machine or in the dryer. Woolen materials, if they are soiled and can not be cleaned by brushing, treat with a sponge and foam carefully, if possible ONLY the place which is affected. It is best to brush the wool only.

Should a complete washing be necessary, then bring to the next cleaning, no self-experiments in the washing machine or by hand wash. That should be worth the good piece nevertheless.

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