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short tunic Erik - green

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2 weeks

This short tunic acts through their heavy and coarse woven fabric made from 100% cotton, very authentic.


It can be combined depending on the age of the representation with a under tunic.

The short tunic gives both without and with under tunic, the carrier an imposing figure whose effect is intensified by the heavy and coarsely woven cotton fabric from which it is made.

Medieval Tunic Erik /Size/

Size Chart
114 cm
120 cm
124 cm
134 cm
136 cm
141 cm
belly circumference
108 cm
114 cm
118 cm
128 cm
130 cm
140 cm
arm length
56 cm
58 cm
60 cm
64 cm
65 cm
68 cm
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44,90 € Weight 0.576 kg
44,90 € Weight 0.576 kg