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Tabard Crusaders (wool)

Product number: ULF-CL-12| Weight: 1.1 kg | Read more description

Suitable for: Reenactment
Color: white with red cross
2 to 4 Weeks


Length: about 131 cm

Chest: approx 130 cm

Head wide: 68 cm (circumference)

Weight: approximately 1.1 kilograms

Color: white with a typical red cross of the Knights Templar


Material: 68% wool, 14% polyester, 18% other fibers
Lining the hood: cotton, 85% Mindesgehalt

Care: Hand wash (cool)!   

Care instructions:   
Suitable for:   
white with red cross

Woolen fabrics
CAUTION for woolen fabrics. These do not belong in the washing machine or in the dryer. Woolen materials, if they are soiled and can not be cleaned by brushing, treat with a sponge and foam carefully, if possible ONLY the place which is affected. It is best to brush the wool only.

Should a complete washing be necessary, then bring to the next cleaning, no self-experiments in the washing machine or by hand wash. That should be worth the good piece nevertheless.

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