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Squared Tabard green/white

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Squared medieval tabard in green-white with rider slits. The tabard has a unit size and is open at the sides. The fabric is woven in linen optics.

Suitable for: medieval
Color: Green/White
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This comfortable tabard is quartered, which is also called checkerboard pattern. The side-open tabard in green/white is slit on the front and the back. This provides the wearer with the best possible freedom of movement.

The use of a high-quality cotton fabric provides the combatant with a particularly robust garment for the knights fight. Above the armor worn, it is easy to recognize the knight's belonging to the battle.

And, of course, the [Squared Tabard green/white can also be worn  without any armor as part of the garment.

Shirt and belt are not included.
Material: 100% cotton

Machine wash at 30 degrees

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Care instructions:   
Cold wash at 30 degrees

Machine wash
Only put dry and ventilated garments into the machine. The drum should never be too full. Always stay at 30 degrees. Wash the garment on the left.

New items can put colored out - at the beginning wash them separately . Use cold water when hand washing. Avoid rubbing.

Do not expose the garments to direct sunlight during drying. Do not put your clothes on the heater to dry. Ensure adequate ventilation when drying the garments in interior areas.

When ironing, please pay attention to the indicated temple symbols in the garments. Moisten your garments slightly before ironing. Iron the garment on the left.

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