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Wool cloak Johanniter

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2 to 4 Weeks

Johanniter were known as the Knights of the Order of Hospital of St.
John of Jerusalem (Latin name: Ordo Sancti Johannis Hospitalis
Ierosolimitani) or Knights of St. John hospital

Cloaks were many cross riding over the arms, often in combination with the matching tunic, worn. Should be noticed, of course, the cross.

Our capes are very well cut.
Water-resistant soft wool and linen.
Cut and material are very authentic in historical styles produced.

Length: about 143 cm
Length of hood: 60 cm
Color: black with white, typical Johanniter Cross

Material outer: 68% wool, 14% polyester, 18% other fibers
Lining the hood: 100% cotton
The brooch is not included.

Care: Hand wash (cool)!   

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45,90 € Weight 0.56 kg
44,80 €* Weight 0.8 kg
45,90 € Weight 0.56 kg
45,90 € Weight 0.56 kg