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Thorsberg pant Fenris - brown

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Color: brown
2 weeks

This Thornberg pants were replicated in the style of trousers fragments found in Thorsberger Moor.

The Thornberg pants is thus a garment that is attributable to the Germanic habitat, and therefore a must for an authentic Germanic or Viking garb.

The excavated findings have a cut that is considered a major influence on the style of early medieval men trousers in Europe and in similar form for centuries is archaeologically provable after the emergence of Thorsberger copies. Eg are illustrations to Passio Kiliani pants after this basic pattern can still be found, as well as among the specimens from Haithabu, which date from the 11th century.

The early medieval Authentic is emphasized by the use of wool felting.
The wool felting is made of 74% wool, 15% polyester, 7% Polyamide and 4% other natural fibers

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