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Falchion Pikeniers with leather sheat

Product number: BMULF-SW-06B| Weight: 1.15 kg | Read more description

Battle ready falchion with leather sheath. With oil-hardened blade of spring steel 55Si7 (EN45). Forged to the handle. Knighting riveted.

Exhibition fight: battle ready
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The Falchion, also known as Malchus, is a single-edged bat weapon, used primarily as a second weapon by riflemen, pikeniers, and other foot troops in the Late Middle Ages.

The Falchion has a forged blade of spring steel 55Si7 (EN45) hardened to about 48-50 HRC, which has been forged through to the handle and riveted at the knob end. The wooden handle is wrapped with leather tape. The shapely paring bar is hand-forged from steel. The blade cutting is dull and slightly rounded. Likewise, the sword tip was rounded according to the rules of the show. The Falchion is exclusively handmade.

It comes with a matching leather sheath.

- Blade material: spring steel 55Si7 (EN45), oil-hardened
- Rockwell hardness of blade: approx. 48-50 HRC
- Total length: approx. 83 cm
- Blade length: approx. 64.5 cm
- Blade width at the parry: approx. 4.2 cm
- Blade thickness: approx. 4 mm
- Impact edge: approx. 2 mm, slightly rounded
- Center of gravity: approx
- Includes matching leather sheath
- Weight: approx. 1150 g

Exhibition fight:   
battle ready
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