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Bascinet Helmet with BTW Aventail

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Suitable for: Reenactment
Exhibition fight: battle ready
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The Bascinet developed in the early 14th century from the Secret helmet or Cerveliere and was popular up to the 15th century.

The offered model is available in sizes M and L. It features an aventail from 1.6 mm thick spring steel rings, woven 4-in-1, which is attached by eylet-pins and a leather cord. An adjustable padded liner is included.

  - Helmet: approx. 2 mm steel
  - Aventail: round ring chain mail, 8mm, leather

Größe max. Kopfumfang Innenabstand Stirn - Hinterkopf Innenabstand Ohr - Ohr Gewicht Helm Gewicht Helm mit Brünne
M ca. 64 cm ca. 21 cm ca. 24 cm ca. 2,3 kg ca. 4,3 kg
L ca. 68 cm ca. 21 cm ca. 24 cm ca. 2,7 kg ca. 4,7 kg


Suitable for:   
For the period:   
Late Middle Ages approx. 1250 - 1500 a. D.
Exhibition fight:   
battle ready
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