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chain mail rings - ID8mm - untreated

Product number: B-LR-8| Weight: 1.05 kg | Read more description

1 KG loose chain mail rings, untreated. The ring inner diameter is 8 mm. The ring thickness is about 1.6 mm. Packing contents approx. 1750-1850 Chainrings.

Surface: untreated
2 to 4 Weeks

This packet holds approx. 1750-1850 rings, used to make your own chain mail coif or to expand or repair chain mail of the BTW (Butted Tensile Wire) type weave.

The BTW chain maille type:
This particular mesh is composed of butted rings made of high-quality spring steel. Considering its excellent value at a fair price, it is perfectly suitable for unexperienced re-enactors who set store on good protection and solid quality.
Although the natural finish allows rust to develop, it also gives the weave a genuine appearance.

To make a coif you will need approx. 2.5 - 3.5 kg of rings, depending on size.

- Material: spring steel
- Inner ring diameter: ca. 8 mm
- Wire thickness: 1.6 mm
- Weight: 1 kg
- Finish: natural (lightly oiled)

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45,90 € Weight 0.56 kg