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Chainmail Shirt

Product number: ULF-BTW-HG| Weight: 11.5 kg| Description

2 to 4 Weeks

Made from natural 1.6 mm spring steel rings for even higher protection than regular mild steel chain mail.

We call this chain mail BTW (Butted Tensile Wire). It is especially well suited for beginners looking for good protection and solid quality at a fair price.

A haubergeon is a short or mid-sleeve, thigh-length chain mail shirt.

Haubergeon Measurements size XL:
- Chest circumference: approx. 150 cm when fully stretched. Chest should not exceed 135 cm circumference including gambeson.
- length: approx. 88 cm
- arm length: approx. 27 cm
- interior diameter: 8 mm
- flat rings: 1.6 mm width
- weight: approx. 12.5 kg
- finish: natural (slightly oiled)

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